Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your interest in St. John’s College. Our College was founded in 1941 by the Marist Fathers and is the only Catholic Boys’ School in Hawke’s Bay. As a College, we are inspired by the work of the Marist Fathers who emphasised God’s unconditional love in their work with young people. It is this love and belief, in the dignity of each child that motivates us to provide an environment of both high support and high challenge; a place where students will learn to value excellence and the work ethic that is required to achieve their full potential. In New Zealand, Marists focus their ministry on youth and education, have a preference for missionary parishes, and ministry outreach into wider society, beyond traditional Church structures.

We pride ourselves on knowing our students well, understanding that the relationships between teachers and students are foundational in developing confident and successful learners. To assist this aim, our Vertical House System allows families and students to journey through their five years at St. John’s with the same teachers as House Leader and Learning Mentor. We learn much about the needs of our students through this partnership between home and school and encourage our parents to participate in their sons’ learning at every opportunity.

As a vibrant multicultural learning community, St. John’s provides students with a range of subject offerings and pathways. The College’s holistic vision extends to student achievement and support in Pastoral Care, Academia, Sport, Arts and Culture. Our aim is to produce well rounded young men able to face a competitive secular world with confidence. This is the vision of a ‘St. John’s Man’. The extension of our school are our parents and Old Boys. We are not just a school; we are a community. We value your input and support.

Together we can teach our young men to be well grounded in their faith, independent and able to make wise decisions based on Christian values, with resilience to deal with the complexities of modern-day life.

Many thanks for your interest in our College. If you require further information, please visit our Parent Information page.

Opere et Veritate ‘In Word and in Deed.’

George Rogers


Important DATES – 2023

Please read below for our new dates for events



Friday 10 March               Mufti Day – Black & White theme – 

Thursday 16 March         Teacher Strike Day (To be confirmed)

Monday 20 March            PFA – AGM meeting

Thursday  23 March           Academic/Scripture Assembly 9.30 – 10.30 Sacred Heart Church

Sunday 26 March             Combined Mass with SHC @ st Patrick’s Church Napier 10am

Monday 27 March            Athletics Day

Wednesday 5th April       Yr 9 Information Evening and BBQ

Thursday 6th April            Cross Walk – end of Term 1



Monday 24th April            Teacher only day – College closed

Tuesday 25th April             ANZAC day

Thursday 27th April           Hato Paora exchange – at SJC

Friday 28th April                  ANZAC Liturgy

Monday 1 May                       Parent Conferences – all day
   Tuesday 2 May                    Parent Conferences – from 3.30pm –

Friday 5 May to
  Sunday 7th May                      O’Shea Shield – Wellington

Thursday 11th May                  Prospectus Evening – 7pm o

Sunday 14th May                     Leaders Mass St Thomas Moore 8am –( is this back on Conor)

Thursday 18 May                    Year 11 Info Evening

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The 2021 St John’s College O’Shea Shield Team that placed second out of seventeen schools in the competition

Special Character at St John's

Every school aims to develop and nurture a positive environment. At St. John’s College, our culture is centred on the life of Jesus Christ and the example he set for us all. Our mission is to provide a high quality education for young men, grounded in Gospel values within our Catholic and Marist tradition. Founded in 1941 by the Marist Fathers, we strive to teach these values, while immersing our young men in an experience of living in a Catholic community. Action is fundamental to our beliefs; if we say it, we must follow with action – ‘In Truth and in Deed.’

We have a full school Mass every term, weekly lunchtime Masses, liturgies and retreats, regular Benediction, a strong Religious Education programme and our students are encouraged to participate in the life of their local parishes.

Academia at St John's

Excellence is a habit: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” These words endorse our academic philosophy at St. John’s College. Our aim is to produce self-reliant workers, able to take responsibility for their own learning and develop study habits that will see our young men attain the highest level possible.


Academic Achievement – 2022


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Sport at St John's

Sport is an integral part of a boys’ school. It does not build character, it reveals it. At St. John’s College we cater for the needs of all our students. This includes compulsory sport for all Year 9 and 10 students in the winter; and the pursuit of excellence in our main sporting codes. It is supported by first class coaches to help young athletes attain their sporting goals. Introduced as a Gifted and Talented Programme, The Sports Institute was founded in 2014 to support such athletes.

Sporting Achievements – 2021

Extra Curricular at St John's

St John’s Cultural and Arts Programme reflect and celebrate the diversity of all our community. Students are encouraged to share their cultural practices, in an compassionate multicultural environment

Sports Institutes

St John’s College Institute students will be responsible representatives of the College who will be committed to developing a culture which supports and fosters achievement for all. Achievement will not be measured in winning or losing but in improving, competing, learning and developing into better people. As representatives of a Catholic and Marist college our actions will reflect Gospel values.


Cultural Institutes

Holistic education is critical to the full development of a young man.  This entails academic, as well as spiritual, social, psychological and physical growth.  To assist this co-curricular progamme, St. John’s College has set-up Institutes so that each gifted and talented student receives specific tuition in their chosen area of specialisation.

Initially St. John’s College set up five Sport’s Institutes which has been very successful.  The College has now expanded the Institutes programme by an additional five new Institutes in a broad range of subjects.

Fine Arts – Teacher in Charge – Mr Don Dickson

Performance Arts – Teacher in Charge – Mr Christopher Wilson

Culinary Arts – Teacher in Charge – Mr Craig Ireland

Debating – Teacher in Charge – Mrs Louisa Berry

Music – Teacher in Charge – Mr Christopher Wilson

Parent Information

We welcome all prospective students to St John’s College. Please download an enrolment form from below. Once completed please return to the office at St John’s College. New Zealand law requires we demonstrate a preference with 95% of our roll having a connection to the Catholic Church. If your son has a connection to the Catholic Church, please also download the preference form below and return it to the office at St John’s College.

There are scholarships available for attending St John’s College. Please enquire about them at the School office. If you have any question or queries about enrolment at St John’s College please contact us.

We have a fabulous Parents and Friends Association (PFA) who involve themselves in fundraising for the College.  This is a fun way for parents to be involved in the College life.

Staff & Responsibilities

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House Leaders

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News at St John's

Inaugural legacy scholarship awarded to deserving St. John’s College student
The inaugural Legacy Scholarship, led by St. John’s College prefects, has been awarded to a deserving student. Toko Turipa, in Year 11, was not expecting to win the scholarship, awarded ...
St. John’s College students plate up medal worthy dishes
St. John’s College students brought home a plethora of awards at the New Zealand Hospitality Championships, with Ethan Redward recognised as the Top Secondary Student of the Year. It marks ...
Principal appointed for St. John’s College
Becoming principal of St. John’s College is the culmination of a long-held dream for George Rogers. Having spent the past 18 years at Lindisfarne College, most recently as Assistant Rector, ...
Professional rugby player kicks goals for St. John’s College students
St. John’s College’s new Rugby Institute Coach Sam McNicol’s passion runs deep for educating up and coming players both on and off the field. Although he has hung up his ...

General Notices

COVID – 19

The College is following Ministry of Education guidelines and will keep parents and caregivers updated . For more information please use the link below and read our parent information at the top of the page     www.covid19.govt.nz

The importance of keeping students learning, and maintaining routine
As you’ll know it is important to keep children and young people engaged in education and, wherever possible, maintaining their usual routines. Routines are reassuring and can support children and young people’s wellbeing, connection with others, and their learning.

We all need to work together and help each other at this time.

Our Board

Mrs Tessa Barrett is the Presiding Member

Other Board members are:

Lillian Bartlett Parent Rep
Jay Campbell Parent Ref
Mikko Capio Student Rep
Rodina Duncan Parent Rep
Duncan Hope Parent Rep
Mr Tony Kuklinski Parent Rep
Mr Luke Homan Proprietor Rep
Mr Sunny Joseph Proprietor Rep
Mrs Donna Te Amo Proprietor Rep
Mr Simon Thomson Staff Rep

Mr George Rogers Principal

Mrs Kath Clews Minutes Secretary


2 March

30 March