St. John’s round out tough season with Hurricanes Life Members Cup

Posted: November 11, 2021Category: Uncategorized

St. John’s round out tough season with Hurricanes Life Members Cup

Winning the Hurricanes Life Members Cup is the final piece in a five-year-long campaign by the senior leavers in this year’s St. John’s College First XV Rugby team.

Their result comes off the back of last year’s “heartbreaking” 12-10 loss against defending champions Lindisfarne College.

“We wanted to play again in the final this year because no one likes losing and we wanted to change that so thankfully we got the win,” team captain Bradley Campbell says.

The final, against Wellington’s Mana College in Palmerston North, was a game of two halves.

“We were down in the first half by 14nil and then got a bit of a rark-up by our coach which we needed and came out firing,” Bradley says.

Two minutes after the half-time whistle, they scored. “And we just got momentum from there,” he says.

Not only did they want to win for themselves, but they also wanted to do it for coaches Matt Wyatt and Luke Homan and Manager Rochelle Williams who have put “so much time and effort” into the team.

“Every single game they would say: ‘we can win this, we’re a good enough team to win’ and I think that’s what got us to carry on going,” Bradley says.

The cup celebrates the important role that boys' secondary school rugby plays in encouraging community participation by school-leavers across the many clubs comprising the Hurricanes region.

It was presented to the team, along with medals, at a socially distanced senior school assembly earlier this month.

Principal Rob Ferreira congratulated the team for their result.

Year 13 and second five-eighths Jaden Murphy says it means a lot to finish off on a high and walk away with the win.

But more than that is the chance to “go out there and have one last final hit with the brothers”, many of whom he has been playing with since the beginning of his schooling career.

Mr Wyatt says it’s nice for the boys to be rewarded for their long season, “and all the battles they’ve been through”.

Dylan Homan, in Year 12, says the result also gives the remaining players the momentum needed going into the next season.

Bradley agrees. “We’ve got heaps of young talented guys still coming and playing, so next year and the years after will be pretty exciting for St. John’s.”

For Bradley, and Jaden, who are both pursuing further study at university, and careers in rugby, the College has been instrumental in shaping them both on and off the field.