St. John’s College triathletes hit their stride

Posted: June 21, 2021Category: Uncategorized

St. John’s College triathletes hit their stride

St. John’s College triathlete Lachie MacGregor is hitting his stride, and in doing so, inspiring his peers to do the same.

The recent Hawke’s Bay Secondary Schools Triathlon saw the 16-year-old, who is a sponsored and full-time athlete, take the win.

“It was exciting because it is the first time that I have won the event,” Lachie said. It was made even better given the nearly 10-minute lead.

Lachie says he uses what other people have said to him in the past to be best athlete he can be.

“A lot of my motivation comes from what people have said to me in the past, and seeing other competitors going past so I use that as fuel to push me to go harder.”

His passion lies in triathlon, and his dedication to the sport is evident, spending hours training. “I am training at the moment to hopefully make the commonwealth team and Ironman as well.”

But it was fellow year-12 student Sam Start’s bronze medal placing, which was of particular significance, given it was only his third time racing, and with no prior training.

Lachie motivated him to give the sport. “He said to try it and I thought I would give it a go,” Sam said.

“I knew I wouldn’t beat Lachie, but I didn’t know who else would be there, so to come in third was a good feeling.” He now considers the sport a hobby.

Year 9 student Kaito De Boeck placed second in the Junior race. He takes after his dad who is an avid triathlete, part of Triathlon Hawke's Bay.

He was last out of the swim but managed to come back to within 10 seconds of first place.

St. John’s College principal Rob Ferreira said Lachie has been a fine ambassador for the school in multi-sport events.

“His successes in triathlons have been a pleasure to watch. His dedication to the sport means that athletes new to the sport can have him as a role model.

“It is pleasing to see that we have younger talent coming through to take on what is a very demanding event."

PHOTO: St. John’s College triathletes Lachie MacGregor (left), Kaito De Boeck and Sam Start.