St. John’s College Head Boy follows in father’s footsteps

Posted: March 1, 2022Category: Uncategorized

St. John’s College Head Boy follows in father’s footsteps

Being selected as this year’s St. John’s College Head Boy runs in the family for Noah Kaio, whose dad once held a prefect position.

The Year 13 student says it is an honour to represent his school but was surprised to have been appointed to the position given the calibre of the other candidates.

“I was surprised especially after really thinking about it and seeing who got shortlisted to be interviewed. I didn't really put into perspective how much everyone had grown up until Year 13 and how high the competition would be. It put into perspective how much I respect my peers.”

His dad Michael Kaio was a prefect at the College and inspired his son to apply for the position.

“I have always looked up to him and the way that he leads in a subtle yet effective way. He always stands up for other people and always prioritises being kind and reasonable. I really admire that.”

He says his dad is “very proud” of him.

Noah says his goal to become Head Boy really started in earnest at the end of last year.

“I always thought I wanted to do it and if I got it, then that would be cool. But I didn't make it a goal, until maybe the end of last year.”

He credits his school’s commitment to growing strong leaders for equipping him with the skills needed.

“Mr Ferreira and the teachers often give opportunities for us to lead. As an example, they have been very encouraging of students, not necessarily in a leadership position, to take charge in events and I think that really helps to build up the confidence to lead amongst your peers.”

Noah’s goal this year is to continue to build a greater sense of connection between the boys at St. John’s College and encourage greater awareness around mental wellbeing.

“The overall prefecture has decided that what we are striving for this year is to build stronger relationships amongst all the boys in the school as we think that is really important.”

Noah also hopes to bring a stronger cultural awareness to the school, during his tenure, through his leadership. The Head Boy has already been part of the development of a Kapa Haka Institute at the school, which he says is new to this year.

The Deputy Head Boys are Dylan Homan and Conor Frith.