Waka Ama

Waka Ama at St. John’s


To introduce the sport of Waka Ama to St. John’s College as a healthy recreational and/or competitive option for students attending the college.


  • To create enough interest at the college to form a J16 team in 2016 with the idea of competing at both the Regional and the National Competition to be held in Rotorua.
  • To encourage students of St John’s College to register with a local waka ama club during the summer months to compete at the January National Sprint Competitions in a Club team. This will give students the opportunity to increase and improve their knowledge and skills of waka ama.
  • To promote St John’s College in a positive manner uplifting the community’s perception of the college and its values.
  • Long Term – To introduce a J19 team in 2017 so that the college will have two teams competing.


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