Canoe Polo

Canoe Polo at St. John’s

Canoe polo has a rich history of development and success at St. John’s College. The programme is overseen by Mr Pearson who has coached NZ teams on the world stage. The programme focuses upon developing sound fundamental skills which are performed under pressure with speed and accuracy.

In recent times both the junior and senior teams have had success at a Regional and National level. Teams compete in the championships during Term 1 and play winter league in Term 3 to develop skills and combinations.

Canoe polo also is part of the SJC Institutes programme and many of these students have gone on to represent Hawke’s Bay and New Zealand.

Contact details:

Mr Pearson:

HB Canoe Polo:

​Important Information

Season Dates: 

Regional & National Championships Term 1.

Winter League Term 3

Training Days:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – 3.05pm – 4.00pm  Seniors: Tuesday and Thursday – 4.00pm – 5.30pm

SJC Team Hoodie, SJC Warm up tee.  Black rash shirt.

Outstanding Achievements


2018: HB regional Champions, NZSS National silver medal

Kalder Woods Pritchard, Jacob Harrison, Toby Mills, Kitt Mc Evoy, Ben Evans, Jack Gardner HB Reps

Jayden Petersen HB & NZ rep

2019: HB Regional Champions, NZSS National Champions. (3 national finals in 3 years)

Jacob Harrison, Mitchell Brotherton HB rep

Jack Gardner, Toby Mills, Ben Evans, Kalder Woods-Pritchard HB & NZ reps



2018: HB regional silver medal. NZSS Nationals 4th

Cameron Stevens, Hamish Scurr HB Representatives

2019: HB regional Silver Medal. NZSS National Silver Medal

Cameron Stevens, Hamish Scurr HB reps


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