Sports at St. John’s

Sport is an extremely valuable part of the life of a St. John’s College student. We recognise the value of playing sport in the all-round development of young men. Whilst St. John’s is small in numbers, a large range of sports both traditional and modern are offered and the teams often compete above their weight.

Winter sport is compulsory for all Year 9 and 10 students which creates life-long habits in being physically active and contributing to the College culture. There is a team or sport at the College for everyone of every level. A firm belief in our sports programmes is that you start winning by simply joining a team and getting involved.

St. John’s College works hard to support, motivate and celebrate our top athletes. We take pride in our continued success and representation at Regional, National and International levels of sport.

Our Sports Institute programmes which run in Year 9 and 10 are directed by highly qualified and skilled coaches and the programmes focus upon creating sound fundamental skills and knowledge of the sporting code. Many of the Institute athletes move into the senior College and become leaders within the senior programmes.

At the core of our College are our Values & Habits of a St. John’s Man. Our teams play with pride, courage, passion but most of all humility and grace. How we conduct ourselves in the heart of competition truly reflects who we are.


Sport Options

​Sport is an integral part of a boys’ school. It does not build character, it reveals it. At St. John’s College we cater for the needs of all our students. This includes compulsory sport for all Year 9 and 10 students in the winter; and the pursuit of excellence in our main sporting codes. It is supported by first class coaches to help young athletes attain their sporting goals. Introduced as a Gifted and Talented Programme, The Sports Institute was founded in 2014 to support such athletes.

Sporting Exchanges at St John's

SJC -v- Hato Paora xchange @ SJC 27 April 2023
SJC -v- St Patrick’s Town @ SJC 30-31 May 2023

SJC -v- Francis Douglas – Venue TBA 25 -26 July 2023

Sporting Success -

With many teams representing St John’s College each year it is vital that we have parent and community involvement in coaching and managing teams. All assistance is encouraged and supported. If you believe you possess a skill set which would be of value to St. John’s College sport please don’t hesitate in contacting us or making yourself known to our Teacher in Charge of Sport at the Year 9 parents evening or telephone the office.

It is vitally important that parents support their son’s involvement in all aspects of sport. If at any stage you have queries or concerns please take the time to contact our Teacher in Charge of Sport or the Principal so the correct pathways can be followed.

2020 Russell Brothers Trophy

Outstanding  Performance

Marcus Ambrose

SJC 1st X1 Hockey

Central Men’s PN Series Squad

Black Sticks selection group

2020 Nightingale Trophy

Contribution to SJC Sport

Marcus Ambrose

Colts cricket

1st X1 Cricket

1st X1 Hockey

Inter-school Athletics

HBSS Sport Council

2020 Team of the Year

Senior Squash Team

5th NZSS Team Nationals

Isaac Pilcher   Blake Knox

Jack Cornforth  Josh Cornforth

Jonty Unwin   Harry Unwin

2020 Official of the Year

Logan Start

BOA Basketball Referee

NZ U17 Nationals

NZ Koru development tour