Sport Institutes


The St. John’s College Sports Institutes continue to evolve with each year group and the participants and college are beginning to reap the rewards of the vision and hard work that goes into delivering quality sports programmes.

Trial dates and Session Information

Students can trial for more than one Institute –


Trials – Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 3.05pm – 4.45pm
Starting Monday 3rd February
Institute Session:
Day 4, Period 1; Monday 7.50am – 8.50am; Thursday 7.30am – 8.50am


Trials:  During Institute sessions
Starting Tuesday 4th February
Institute Session:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 3.05pm – 3.55pm


Trials: During Institute sessions
Starting Tuesday 4th February
Institute Session:
Year 9 – Tuesday 12 – 1pm and Thursday 1 – 2pm
Year 10 – Tuesday 1 – 2pm and Thursday 12 – 1pm


Trials: During Institute sessions
Starting Tuesday 4th February
Institute Session:
Tuesday and Thursday Period 5


Trials: During Institute sessions
Starting Monday 10th February
Institute Session:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday – 8am – 8.50am


Trial day Gear lists

Basketball boots, water bottle, snack food, personal playing gear, White and colour top or reversible required

Gym shoes, personal gear if applicable, water bottle, snacks
A gear bag will be available for net session

Gym shoes, football boots, playing kit, skin pads, water bottles, snacks

Gym shoes, rugby boors, playing kit, mouth guard, water bottle, snacks

Togs and Rash shirt towel, drink bottle, personal boat and paddle (only if you have on available)

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate in contacting me. or 8786853 ext. 718


BASKETBALL INSTITUTE: It has been a great year of development and success for our basketball institute. A before school session has tested the commitment of players and they have all stood up to meeting the challenge. This year’s institute players have been the most committed yet which in turn has seen the greatest improvement and development on and off the court. A definite highlight was seeing the junior institute players be so comfortable when challenged within the senior team and a senior boy’s format. The development team finishing runners up in the Central Zone div 2 was another.Coach Whitten continues to give his time and enthusiasm for the game and it is showing in the boys play and learning.

CANOE POLO: The Canoe Polo institute continued to develop boys who worked hard and were driven to perform. Albert Parker was the sole year 9 and not only did he become the team mascot he was an example of hard work for all players. Players were continually challenged to perform at a higher level and with 8 players making NZ teams over the last 2 years it showed that their commitment and hard work was being recognised. Silver medals at HBSS regional and NZSS National Championships were the icing on the cake.

CRICKET: Tony Hutchins has joined the institute coaching team this year and bought with him enthusiasm and an extensive coaching background. Boys have continued to work on fundamentals and technique and are continually showing an improved performance. Past institute players have continued to develop and have been selected in HB teams and Central Districts training squads.

FOOTBALL: Bill Robertson has continued to work with an enthusiastic hard-working bunch of footballers. Frost and wet weather rarely made an impact on these boys as the started sessions at 8am. The skill set of players and the perception and understanding of the game has continued to grow. Players have made representative teams at both Hawkes Bay and Federation levels with several players making smooth transition into playing 1st X1 football as year 10s.

RUGBY: Mr Matt Wyatt is the coach for rugby. The boys work hard to develop fitness, fundamental skill sets and technique, game perception and understanding.

With sound coaching this will allow the boys the skills and attitudes to compete with other big schools and programmes.


INSTITUTE FAREWELL: The institutes have grown within the college and been driven in many ways by Mr Melloy. With his departure this year it will be challenging to fill his boots in not only a coaching role but also in an administrative and future perspective. We thank him for his hard work and contribution to support our top junior athletes and sports programmes