Prefects 2023

Carter Frame Tavita (Deputy Head Boy), Harry Unwin (Head Boy), Thomas Jenson (Deputy Head Boy),
Back Row: Camden Russell, Cramer Hannan, Albert Parker, Ekamjeet Singh, Jeremy Gaffaney, Garrett Fey, Ashlen Hokai
Front Row: Abel Bincy, Gaku Takahashi, Carter Frame-Tavita (Deputy Head Boy), Harry Unwin (Head Boy), Thomas Jenson (Deputy Head Boy),
Joshua Sunny, Isaac Skews
Absent: Hayden Johnson
New Prefect: Diego Chiappa


Head Boy: Harry Unwin
Deputy Head Boys: Carter Frame Tavita, Thomas Jenson


Back Row: Camden Russell, Cramer Hannah, Albert Parker, Ekamjeet Singh, Jeremy Gaffaney, Garrett Fey, Ashen Hokai

Front Row: Abel Bincy, Gaki Takahashi, Carter Frame-Tevita (Deputy Head Boy), Harry Unwin (Head Boy), Thomas Jenson (Deputy Head Boy),

Joshua Sunny, Isaac Skews

Absent:  Hayden Johnson.  New Prefect Diego Chiappa

House Captains

Colin House

House Captain: Robi Manahera-Dankwa

Deputy House Captain: Carter Frame-Tavita

Forest House

House Captain: Cramer Hannan

Deputy House Captain: Dieggo Chiappa and Isaac Skews

Redwood House

House Captain: Cater Jones

Deputy House Captain: Max Signal and Corvin Douglas

Reignier House

House Captain: Harry Campbell

Deputy House Captain: Matthew Hepburn and Toko Turipa


John knew a Lord whose love was real,
Felt love’s power, saw love heal.
Love one another was the call,
John remembered, taught us all.
Trusting, loyal and faithful
Loving in word and deed,
Opere et veritate
For love real and active, 
Lord we pray.
John by the Cross on Calvary,
Stood with Mary, heard Christ say,
This is your mother, this your Son,
Share my love with everyone.
Trusting, loyal…
Christ on His rising came to John,
Bright with glory, weakness gone.
Teach my brothers, help them learn,
To love as I love till I return.
Trusting, loyal…


o Hoani nei te tangata
Ara he tia, he tia, he tia
Ara hei runea hei raro
Whaka tau ake nei do te mana
Koteihi runga I te toa – e tu nei
Ara pono ki te tika
Kaora, x 2
Patua hatana
Patua te hoa riri
Ka ao x 2
Haramai te toki
Whakatau/he tangata
Whakatau/he tipua
Ko wai te tangata ke runga ra
Ko Hoani te tangata kei runga ra,
kei runga ra
Ara he tia, he tia, he tia
Ara hei runga, hei runga, hei runga
Ara whaka tau ake nei ko te mana
Ko te ihi o te Hato
Pona ki te tika
Patua hatana
Patua te hoariri
Ara hi ara hi aramai hi!!

Our College rules are based on the Christian principle that we should treat others as we would like them to treat us, and we should care for others as we care for ourselves.

Students will be under the authority of the College while:

  • On the way to and from school
  • Present at school during the official school day
  • Representing the school at any time, whether it be in sport, cultural pursuits or any other    activity, whether in term time or holidays, during the week or weekend, or on a school trip.

The following are forbidden: 

  • Possessing weapons
  • Possessing, using or dealing in drugs
  • Possession or drinking of alcohol
  • Smoking/vapping or associating with smokers
  • Theft or interfering with others’ property
  • Bullying
  • Accessing pornography or other offensive material
  • Usage of cell phones during morning break and lunchtime (unless supervised)
  • Usage of electronic devices during morning break and lunchtime (unless supervised)
  • Entering vehicles during morning break or lunchtime
  • Having graffiti on schoolbags, books or folders
  • Wearing incorrect school uniform on the way to and from school

Failure to abide by these rules is likely to result in  a stand down or suspension

Students must:

  • Attend school every day.  Truants will do a Dean’s Detention and make up time hour-for- hour starting from the first day at school following the truancy.
  • Gain permission from the school office to leave the property.
  • Attend detentions before other activities and on the specified day.  Failure to do so incurs an additional Dean’s Detention.
  • Attend practices and matches for their sports teams; attend practices and performances for cultural activities.
  • Return library books by the due date.
  • Abide by the school’s cyber safety rules and have completed the Digital Citizenship agreement.
  • Use audio devices, cell phones and laptops at the appropriate time or this will be the device will be confiscated. These are to be collected by a parent from a member of the Senior Management team.

Uniform is to include:

  • Regulation uniform worn correctly to school, at school and home from school. In winter a white T shirt or singlet may be worn underneath. No visible tee-shirts, singlets, thermals, etc. under shirts at all other times.
  • No ear-rings, studs or jewellery.
  • Pupils are expected to have their hair tidy, in accordance to what is expected of a St. John’s Man.
  • A clean shaven face with no beard or moustache.


  • Permission is needed from the Assistant Principal and a parent to drive a vehicle to school.
  • No passengers are to be carried without written permission of both parents concerned.
  • Cyclists are to lock bikes and to wear helmets – no cycling in the school grounds.
  • Students are expected to use the correct entrance and exit.
  • All vehicles are to be parked on school grounds.
  • Access to the vehicles is only permitted before and after school.

BYOD (Bring your own Device)

What is the “D” in BYOD?

For the purposes of BYOD, the “D” stands for any technology that is a privately owned personal, portable computing device which is wireless capable. This includes laptops, netbooks and tablets. A mobile phone, on it’s own, is not considered a suitable device for learning.

Minimum device specifications:

Operating system:     Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android
Screen size:                    At least 11 inches
Battery life:                   5 hours (continuous use)
Wireless capable        802.11 n/ac
Keyboard:                      external (Recommended)
Memory (RAM):        4 GB
Internal storage:     64 GB

In the case of tablets we recommend that the student have an external keyboard that can connect to the tablet.

Recommended Device

  • Operating system:    Windows 10 or MacOS
  • Touch screen capable – This allows students to use a stylus to write on their screens allowing them to annotate notes and diagrams easily.
  • Screen size:                11 inches to 15 inches
  • Battery life:                6 hours (continuous use).
  • Keyboard:                  External keyboard
  • Memory (RAM):       4 GB
  • internal storage:    128 GB


St. John’s College uses Microsoft Office 365, which is free for schools.  This enables all our students to download the Office suite of programs onto their device for FREE. Students are able to download the software to a maximum of 5 devices.

Instructions for downloading Office Apps to your laptop

The school has a Windows server and uses Microsoft 365. We therefore recommend Windows based devices or  Apple laptops/tablets (MacOS).  We do not recommend Chrome Books, but if a student has a Chrome Book, it must be one that can download and run the Android version of the Office Apps. The Office Mobile Apps can be installed  through the Google Play Store. Chrome Books will run on our network, but if students cannot download the Office apps, they will only have access to the online apps which have less functionality.

All devices must have a protective carry case to minimize the risk of damage.


Frequently Asked Questions – Students

Q: I brought my personal device to school to use in the classroom, but my teacher said I couldn’t use. Can I still use my device?

A: The teacher in the classroom has the final say on procedures in the classroom. If he or she asks you not to use your device, then you should follow those directions.

Q: I need to print something, is this allowed?

A: Yes. You will need to run a set-up programme to install the school printers on to your device. Printer Setup instructions.

Q: My personal electronic device was stolen when I brought it to school. Who should I contact about this?

A:  Bringing your personal technology to school does have some risks. It is always a good idea to record the device’s serial number in case of theft. Some devices also have a locator application – it is recommended that this is enabled. St Johns College is not responsible for the theft of any personal technology, nor is it responsible for any damage done to a device while at school. Theft or vandalism of any kind should be reported immediately to the Deputy Principal (Pastoral) so the appropriate action can take place. Damage to, or theft of, a personal device is solely the responsibility of the owner.

Q: Am I still held accountable to the Cybersafety agreement I agreed to, even though this is my own personal device?

A: Yes. The school cybersafety policy remains in effect even when you are using your own device at school. Violating the terms of the agreement is a violation of the student code of conduct and will be dealt with by the Assistant Principal.

Q:Will there be a penalty to my grade if I do not have my own personal, portable computer?

A: Not having a laptop may impact your learning which may indirectly affect your level of achievement.  If you cannot afford a laptop, the school will endeavour to lend you one.

Q: I have my device with me in class. How do I get on the Internet?

A: Most devices will detect a wireless access point when you are near one, and will prompt you to join the network identified. A network password key will be emailed to you which will give you access to the St John’s wireless network. The wireless connection is named “SJC_BYOD-students”.


Frequently Asked Questions – Parents

Q: Is it required that my son use the school wireless? Can they use their own 3G, 4G or 5G service?

A:  Students with a personally owned device need to use the BYOD wireless network. While at school, students are not allowed to use their personal 3G/4G/5G service to access the internet or download data. This is to do with cyber safety and security.

Q: My son is bringing a device to school for instructional purposes. Will they have access to things they normally do with school equipment?

A: Your son will have access to any of the web-based software the College currently uses (Microsoft 365, library search tools etc.). It must be noted that software may run differently on different devices for varying reasons. In addition to this, different platforms will use different applications to do the same thing.

Q: As a parent / caregiver am I required to add additional software (virus protection, filter, tracking device, etc.) to my child’s device?

A: Virus protection and device location software is recommended.

Q: How will my son’s device be used in the classroom?

A: The learning vision is to challenge students with personalised learning experiences using ICT. Therefore, ICT will be used in the teaching and learning process. However, it is important to realise that teachers are learning focused not device focused, so there will be times when the use of ICT is not appropriate.

Q: How much instructional time will be spent using ICT?

A: This will vary from class to class and on a day-by-day basis. Refer to the answer above.

Q: With all these devices around, is there going to be a problem with theft?

A: BYOD is happening in many schools and the reports are that theft is not an issue when an entire year level has a device. Many students currently have phones which are more expensive than the devices we recommend, and we have very few problems with the theft of phones.

Q: I’m concerned that my child will break a device, drop it or lose it?

Answer: We recommend a protective case for all laptops and insurance cover. Most people look after their expensive electronic equipment like phones, so this expectation extends to laptops. As our young men get older they will be given expensive equipment and it is up to them to look after it.


​To make life easier for you for Back to School, we have teamed up Office Products, Napier


For those of you who prefer to buy through a retail outlet, the Office Product store is situated at 44 Wakefield Street, Onekawa, Napier.  Please advise the staff you are from St. John’s College so that the College earns the rewards points.


Go and select St. John’s College from the drop box by typing St. John’s College until the name appears.

The Stationery lists are loaded by YEAR and SUBJECT. More information will be sent to students in December


• You receive competitive prices direct from our supplier
• Save time by avoiding busy retail stores with free delivery
• Order early & have plenty of time to cover your books
• Your child will start the year with the correct supplies
• The products you purchase are of a high quality

The school uniform is sold directly from St John’s College.

Summer Uniform
(Terms One and Four)

White short sleeve embroidered shirt Grey shorts
Black Roman sandals
St John’s jersey/jacket
Bucket Hat (purchase from office)

Dress Uniform

White long-sleeved dress shirt
College Tie (sold through the College)
College Blazer (optional)

Winter Uniform
(Term Two and Three)

Long sleeved white embroidered shirt to be worn with College Tie
Grey shorts/seniors (Yr 11 onwards) may wear grey uniform long trousers
Grey long socks with maroon and blue stripe
Black lace up shoes
St John’s jersey/jacket

PE Uniform
(Compulsory Yr9-Yr10)

House colour T Shirt and Blue Shorts,
Maroon Socks with Blue top
Bucket Hat (purchase from office)

Please contact the College for timetable information for Napier, Taradale and Greenmeadows buses


 Term One

Thursday 2nd February – Thursday 6th April

Term Two

Monday 24th April  – Thursday 29th June


Term Three 

Monday 17th July – Friday 22nd September


Term Four – to be confirmed

Monday 9th October – To be confirmed


Thursday 2nd February
Year 9 and Year 13 students

Friday 3rd February
All school

Monday 6th  February
Waitangi Day – School closed

Thursday 9th February
Commissioning Mass – Sacred Heart Church – 10.30am

Thursday 16th February
Athletics Day



Bill Robertson (BRo)
Alice Robinson (ARo)

​The St. John’s College Library & Information Centre provides a wide range of Fiction and Curriculum related Non Fiction books for all levels. There is a wide range of quick reads and magazines for those short of time. The library is a quiet place to read, complete work on assignments and study or an ideal space for a game of chess. Our experienced Librarians can provide assistance with research topics or  great Fiction recommendations. The library is a great resource for Web links for your research – just ask one of our friendly librarians to help point you in the write direction.

There is a selection of food available for sale at our Tuckshop


The alarm is given by a continuous ringing of the siren, or if that fails by the ringing of the bell. Ensure nobody remains in the area of the premises that you are responsible for.


The person discovering the fire must act quickly, ring the alarm then inform a member of the SMT where the danger is. If, on switching the alarm, the bells don’t ring, contact the Main Office by phone, or direct contact.


In each room there must be a sign indicating the direction of the building exit nearest to the room door. This will be the normal route used during evacuation.


The prime responsibility is the safety of the students, visitors and staff, not the fighting of the fire. Instruct students to leave all gear, move quickly, quietly and with urgency. Do not lock your classroom doors behind you. Ensure that students make their way safely to the assembly point, following the route explained on the red laminated signs in the room they have come from. The assembly point is on the far side of the soccer field opposite the swimming pool.

Ensure that students do not use the following walkways:

  • The intersection and stairs between Gill and Devonport Blocks because of the presence of gas pipes there
  • The walkway between the Ryan Administration Block and the ramp up to the Gill Block classrooms

Floor Wardens are to conduct as thorough a check of their designated areas as is possible under the circumstances. Every room, office, toilet and work space should be checked in case injured people are trapped or unconscious there. Also check any fire alarms in your area to see if the alarm was triggered from there.

House Teachers are responsible for the control of their House classes and for checking attendance at the assembly area. They should line up their class in alphabetical order and sit them down if the grass is dry. Do not let them move around, play football or anything else other than standing or sitting in a line.
Deans get House class lists from the Assistant Principal, then pass them to House teachers, who do the check and report back to the dean. Once the dean has finalised all lists, then he/she reports to the Assistant Principal.
The Assistant Principal is responsible for the overall control of the roll check at the assembly point.

The Deputy Principal is responsible for the overall control of the school at the assembly point. Staff and boys remain assembled until dismissed by the Deputy Principal.


All lost Property is handed in to the office or to Mrs Rachael Stent. Lost Property is all stored in the Sport’s Co-Ordinator’s Room.
If you have lost something, please contact the office.

All clothing must be named to increase the chance of it being found and returned to the correct person.