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Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your interest in St. John’s College. Our college was founded in 1941 by the Marist Fathers and is the only Catholic Boys’ School in Hawke’s Bay. As a College, we are inspired by the work of the Marist Fathers who emphasised God’s unconditional love in their work with young people. It is this love and belief, in the dignity of each child that motivates us to provide an environment of both high support and high challenge; a place where students will learn to value excellence and the work ethic that is required to achieve their full potential. In New Zealand, Marists focus their ministry on youth and education, have a preference for missionary parishes, and ministry outreach into wider society, beyond traditional Church structures.

We pride ourselves on knowing our students well, understanding that the relationships between teachers and students are foundational in developing confident and successful learners. To assist this aim, our Vertical House System allows families and students to journey through their five years at St John’s with the same teachers as House Leader and Learning Mentor. We learn much about the needs of our students through this partnership between home and school and encourage our parents to participate in their sons’ learning at every opportunity.

As a vibrant multicultural learning community, St John’s provides students with a range of subject offerings and pathways. The College’s holistic vision extends to student achievement and support in Pastoral Care, Academia, Sport, Arts and Culture. Our aim is to produce well rounded young men able to face a competitive secular world with confidence. This is the vision of a ‘St. John’s Man’. The extension of our school are our parents and Old Boys. We are not just a school; we are a community. We value your input and support. Together we can teach our young men to be well grounded in their faith, independent and able to make wise decisions based on Christian values, with resilience to deal with the complexities of modern-day life.

Many thanks for your interest in our College. If you require further information, please visit our Parent Information page.

Opere et Veritate ‘In Word and in Deed.’

George Rogers
Principal – St John’s College

Special Character

All in the way of Mary – Founded by the Priests of the Society of Mary, at St. John’s College we seek to model our lives on Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

Vision & Values

​​St John’s College provides a high quality education for young men, grounded in Gospel values within the Catholic and Marist traditions.

Catholic Character

Our goal is to provide our students with the knowledge of encounter with and witness to Christ. We endeavour to have viable student planning and participation in everything connected with our Catholic faith at the College.

Pastoral Care

Every student has the right to experience their education in a safe and equitable setting; just as every teacher has the right to experience their profession in the same environment.

Our Board of Trustees

Mrs Tessa Barrett is the Presiding Member

Other Board members are:

Mr Jay Campbell Parent Rep
Mr George Rogers  Principal
Mr Conor Frith Student Rep
Mr Luke Homan Proprietor Rep
Mr Sunny Joseph Proprietor Rep
Mr Tony Kuklinski Parent Rep
Mrs Donna Te Amo Proprietor Rep
Mr Simon Thomson Staff Rep
Mrs Kath Clews Minutes Secretary