Pasifika at St. John’s

Pasifika culture is celebrated at St John’s College. Samoan, Tongan, Cook Island Maori, Kiribati and Papua New Guinea. Pasifika students are involved at all levels of the school both academically and extracurricular and are a vital part of our community. Faaki Tuanaki is the Pasifika liaison person and she has an open door policy for all Pasifika students and their families. She can support and assist with any students needs and communicate with families if they have concerns.

Once a year we host a Fiafia night with Sacred Heart College and the Pasifika performing group performs to parents. This is a very successful evening of food and entertainment and we usually get about 300 people attending. Throughout the year we celebrate Samoan, Tongan and Cook Island Language week with students of each ethnicity being on prayer for ranks and assemblies, we raise each nations flag on the flag pole and teachers are taught phrases and words in each language to communicate to all students.


Pasifika Gallery