Materials Technology

Materials Technology

Materials Technology is a Unit Standards course with units being chosen from industry related courses.  Each year builds on the experiences gained from the previous year, so that students increase both their personal skills and acquire the ability to plan and take charge of projects. If Materials Technology were not taken as an option at year 10 then it would be more difficult to cope with the course at year 11.

The programme at Level 1 leads to the BCATS entry level certificate and at Level 2 the advanced. These certificates could assist in gaining entry to higher level courses or finding a job in a trade.

We aim to equip the students with the abilities to do well, perseverance, tenacity, concentration, and practical skills.

The projects attempted may change but all must be completed as per the specifications just like in the real world! Later in the year, there may be time for supplementary projects although there is an expectation that a plan and specifications are adhered to.

Each year’s course has a fee for consumables used and costs for project materials. This information on approximate costs is available on request.

All students are expected to bring a laptop, to theory lessons, to utilise the online course and assessment material.

 Teacher – Mr Fiet

(Junior Programme)

Year 9             One term general course that include one practical design project

Year 10           A full year course that include several different skill-building design projects


(Senior Programme)

Level 1            At the discretion of the HOD, should have taken at Year 10 level

Level 2            Must have obtained 15 credits in Year 11 Materials Technology, or at the discretion of the H.O.D.

Level 3            As per BCITO requirements, students must have taken Materials Technology at Year 12 (Level 2) or at Year 11 (Level 1)

AS Number Achievement Standard Title Credits Assessment Method
24352 Demonstrate knowledge of and apply safe working practices 2 Internal
24355 Demonstrate knowledge of construction and manufacturing materials use 4 Internal
24356 Apply elementary workshop procedures and processes for BCATS projects 8 Internal
25919 Use hardware and fastenings for BCATS projects 2 Internal
25920 Use joints for BCATS project 3 Internal


With literacy and numeracy credits gain BCATS Entry Certificate

AS Number Achievement Standard Title Credits Assessment Method
12932 Construct Timber garden furniture and items of basic construction equipment as a BCATS project 8 Internal
24354 Demonstrate knowledge of and applying safe working practise in a BCATS workplace 4 Internal
24357 Receive instructions and communicate information in relation to BCATS projects 4 Internal
12927 Identify select and maintain and use hand tools for BCATS projects 6 Internal


With Literacy Credits gain BCATS Advanced Certificate

AS Number Achievement Standard Title Credits Assessment Method
29677 Follow safe workplace practices and contribute to a health and safety culture in a BCATS environment 2 Internal
29681 Measure and calculate for a Stage 3 BCATS project 3 Internal
29678 Demonstrate knowledge of, select and use materials for a Stage 3 BCATS project 4 Internal
29682 Select, use, and maintain tools, equipment and machinery for a stage 3 BCATS project 4 Internal
29679 Develop and use BCATS project documentation for a Stage 3 BCATS project 8 Internal