Course Entry Requirements

Students must have 85% attendance or greater in 2022 or entry is at the discretion of the Gateway Co-ordinator and Teacher in Charge.  Students must have a genuine interest in and be committed to gaining real world placement or apprenticeship-type experience.


Course Outline

The Gateway programme is two fold.  Unit standards are achieved in the classroom throughout the year, with work placement or on-job experience booked during term 2 and 3, one day a week, within each student’s chosen industry.


Additionally, industry related unit standards may be offered to further support student’s vocational pathway options.  These unit standards are on-line, self-paced modules, that are supported by work placement days in the student’s related industry.


Gateway also provides an opportunity to strengthen networks in our local community and build skills targeted to enhance employment opportunities for our young men.


Unit Standards offered in the classroom

Unit number Title Level Credits
First Aid (Outside Provider)
6400 Comprehensive first aid 3 2
6401 Provide first aid 2 1
6402 Provide basic life support 1 1
Health and Safety (Outside Provider)
30265 Apply health and safety risk assessment to a job role 3 8
22316 Identify the causes of back injuries and methods to prevent back injuries on the workplace 3 4
19522 Undertake job safety analysis 3 3
Gateway Teacher
4251 Plan a career pathway 3 3
1980 Dealing with employment relationships 3 3
1296 Interview in informal situations 3 3
1304 Communicate with people from other cultures 3 2


Placements have involved the following industries:

Automotive Engineering Hospitality
Building and Construction Hairdressing
Plumbing Property Management
Electrical Farming
Transport Retail
Education Security
Farming and Agriculture Sport and Recreation

Industry related unit standards have been provided through:

MITO (Automotive) BCITO (Building)
Primary ITO (Farming) HITO (Hairdressing)
SIT (Property Management and Sport and Rec) MQS (Māori Performing Arts)

MITO and BCITO courses will be led by outside providers and study supervised at school in the Gateway line.