Art History

Art History

Available  Level 3 of the Curriculum. (All students welcome)


The course is based upon a study of the art, architecture and sculpture of the Late Renaissance – think Raphael, Leonardo, Michelangelo and The Vatican. There is also a study of Post-Modernist art works and movements, including Pop Art which was centred in New York and lead by such artists as Andy Warhol. Each study focuses around the style, meanings and context (times) of the works.

Kenneth Clark the great Oxford lecturer, writer and BBC presenter on art, “passionately believed art could be a force for good; that it had a civilising, enriching and mind-altering power”.

Through art, architecture and sculpture we learn about human nature, religion, values, the way people lived in the past, how society has changed and why; as well as moving us through the beauty and majesty or challenging ideas that is possible when visionaries pick up a paintbrush, pencil or chisel.

The three Internal Assessments and one External Assessment in this course enable the students to gain L3 and UE. There are other Internal Assessments available. Technically correct English skills in essay writing are not vital as they are not part of the assessment schedule. It is a subject that requires an appreciation of how society is reflected in the visual arts.

Each Achievement Standard is worth 4 credits with a total of 16 possible credits in the course.


Achievement Standard |  Description  |  Assessment method  |  Credits

91482  |  Demonstrate understanding of style in art works  |  External  |  4
(Late Renaissance art works)

91486  |  Constructing an argument based on interpretation of research in art  |  Internal  |  4
 (The Power and Purpose of Portraits)

91487  |  Examine the different values placed on art works    |  Internal  |  4
(Late Renaissance or Post-Modernism)

91488  |  Examine the relationship(s) between a theory and art works  |  Internal  |  4
(Pop Art or Humanism)

The standards all carry value as UE Literacy credits for Reading (Internal Assessments) and both Reading and Writing (External Assessment). The written work required is in the form of paragraphs or essays but there is no mark schedule requirement for technically correct content. It must simply be coherent and clear. This applies to both the internal and external standards.

There are no restrictions on entering this course. You are more than welcome to join the class if you are a Level 3 student.