Academic Achievement – 2021

Academic and Cultural Achievements

As we look back at another wonderful year at St. John’s College, the list of achievements is worth celebrating. We hope your son has made the most of the opportunities presented to him and he has enjoyed the year. Here is a small synopsis of what we have achieved in 2021:


Kyle Groner


Jonty Unwin

NCEA Results  

The 2021 NCEA results were a resounding success. The hard work by students and teachers saw St. John’s College produce outstanding results.

SJC Level 1                              92.0%
National Average                  68.3%
Decile 4-7 Average               74.1%

SJC Level 2                             95.6%
National Average                  77.2%
Decile 4-7 Average               80.8%

SJC Level 3 –                           90.4%
National Average                  69.8%
Decile 4-7 Average               71.4%

SJC University Entrance      60.0%
National Average                     
Decile 4-7 Average                   

NZEST (Scholarship)

James Barr – Mathematics with Statistics
                           Religious Education

Joseph Mooney – History

Full year Canterbury Engineering and Mathematics course (Calculus and Algebra papers):

  • Dugh Bhrt           91% (A+)
  • Dylan Wijaya      86% (A)
  • Ishan Parmar     83% (A-)

Half year Canterbury Engineering and Mathematics course (Calculus paper):

  • Hamish Gibson        89% (A)
  • Josiah McFarland   84% (A-)


National Leaders Social Enterprise and Project Work

Project PEAR (2020)

Design, manufacturer of respirator during level 4 lock down conditions.

Design and manufacture of independent industrial strength lighting for use in roads and rural environments: powered by alternate solar and wind sources.

-Awarded national funding from Waikato University and EIT

-CEO Dylan Wijaya – wins placement national CEO Forum (Wellington) and national CEO Award (Queenstown)

-National Media: The Herald, Radio New Zealand

National Leaders Social Enterprise and Project Work (continued)

Environ-Crete (2020)

Plastic infused concrete used to construct outdoor seating and planters boxes.

National and Regional Recognition: Procurement from Hastings District Council: and

Te Tuitui Mātauranga (2020)

A partnership with Wrightson Seeds (NZ) and Plant and Food. An enterprise that has researched and developed a process to reduce irrigation requirements in pea and bean seeds, producing promising results for agricultural industry in climatically challenging environments.

National Runner Up to National Primary Industries Award (Sponsored by Ministry of Primary Industries)

Policy Light House (2020)

Regional success in advocating for the establishment of a Drug Court in the Hawkes Bay region.

Business Studies, year 10, (2020)

Board of Trustees Adopts New Procurement Policy: Local and Sustainable as crafted by students. The policy reflects the College’s Special Character and is a response to the Corvid 19 environment.

New Zealand UNESCO Commission – National Excellence Award for St John’s College


Note: In 2018 the UNESCO Commission also stated it:

fully recognized St John College remarkable achievements and as such as provided the College with its ‘Highly Commended’ status and will issue an award to that effect, and the Commission will recognize this status in all its communications both domestically and internationally.

St. John’s College awarded $3,000.00 and two students presented our unique and inspiring story to a national audience from Wellington.

Australian National Teaching Excellence Award 2020
David Ivory

Based on the theme, ‘Acknowledging exceptional educators in exceptional times,’ this year’s NEiTA Awards recognise the achievements and efforts of teachers and educators who rose to meet the year’s unique challenges of school closures and lockdowns. This included the implementation of digital methods to enhance learnings and supporting the wellbeing of students during a difficult year.

Congratulations David and thank you for all your inspiring work you have done for the College.  We wish you well for your return to Christchurch.

St John’s College – Setting the standard for national excellence in education:;